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Shenzhen Grandness Industry Groups Co., Ltd.

Canned food,canned asparagus,canned mushroom,canned green bean,canned sweet c...

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Shenzhen Grandness Industry Groups Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 by Huang Yupeng (Mr. Jack Huang) and IPO in Singapore in 2009. It is of sole proprietor ownership with registered capital of RMB 103 million, and with 6 sub-companies and 2 holding companies. Since its establishment, our company has been steadily developing with annual export volume exceeding USD 60 million.Our company, with headquarters in Shenzhen, has our own plantation and production bases. Our subordinated canneries are located in Shanxi Province, Yunnan Province, Sichuan Province and Shandong Province,including Grandness (Shanxian) Foods Co.,Ltd,Grandness (Sichuan) Foods Co.,Ltd,Grandness (Shanxi) Foods Co.,Lt,Grandness (Shanxi Puzhou) Foods Co.,Ltd.Grandness (Yunnan) Foods Co.,Ltd.These canneries mainly manufacture canned and frozen vegetables and fruits such as asparagus, green beans, mushroom, Chinese mandarin, lychee, yellow peach, pear, pineapple, sweet corn, apricot, and artichoke. Our quality guarante... [Details]